We help you to be successful with your team and company through flexibility, dynamism and growth. Our management consulting approach is characterized by humour and empathy, hypnosystemic strategies and reliable implementation.


Management consulting in niche markets & topics.

Shaping transformation with objectives & key results

Achieve your goals faster and more effectively by introducing Objectives & Key Results in your team. We will support you! 

A successful strategy is the key to the success of any company.

This is exactly where we come in: With our comprehensive strategy support , we help you to define your goals, analyze the market and develop effective strategies.

Growing beyond yourself with coaching

You are unique and have the potential to continuously develop and grow professionally. We support you withthe hypnosystemic coaching approach

Use potential correctly!

We are at your side with our personnel development to further develop your skills and those of your team. 
Our focus is on high-potential and leadership development programs, courses and training for managers.

Taking your organization to the next level

In today's dynamic business world, it is essential that companies remain continuously adaptable and future-oriented. Our team is here to help you take your organization to the next level and make it fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

Through your workshop with the right moderation

A well-moderated event is the key to a smooth process, a committed participant base and a lasting memory. We are happy to provide support for top management strategy meetings, the annual team meeting or the large group with all stakeholders. 

Industries we work with particularly frequently.

Rapidly growing companies

IT & technology company

Communications industry

Construction & Real Estate

Campaigning groups



We work (hypno-)systemically

The challenges and needs faced by the members of an organization are as diverse as they are real. The resources for coping with change lie within the organization - we support you in finding access to them and using them optimally.


We are goal-oriented

Thinking things through from the end awakens energy and increases accuracy.

We provide guidance to bring visions to the ground, make goals tangible and achieve initial successes quickly. We use this momentum as a positive reinforcement for newly established structures and processes.


We create added value

We provide effective impulses and helpful rules of thumb. In doing so, we respect our customers' expertise as being at least as valuable as our own. But even the best surgeon cannot remove the appendix himself. We help our customers to help themselves. As far as possible, we work on OE projects not only to solve acute problems but also to build up long-term solution capacities on the customer side.


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